6 Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee

Published on 07/25/2019

This morning staple for millions (if not billions) of people around the world is how many people manage to make it through their days without having a meltdown or falling asleep standing up. But this little bean has had a bad rap as of late. So we’re here to set some facts straight about the numerous health benefits coffee can give you first thing in the morning and throughout long and arduous days. Almost 60% of Americans have at least one cup of the black gold every single day so it helps to know you’re doing your body some good when we guzzle back another cup of Joe:

Happy Coffee 11

Worried about Diabetes? Well, just one cup a day, according to Harvard researchers, can reduce your likelihood of developing diabetes by almost 9%. You can tack off another 26% of your chances of getting kidney stones if you consume one or more cups of coffee a day. The study showed that the caffeine induces more urination which flushes all that excess sodium and calcium out that cause the little painful buggers so you wont look like this:

Kidney Stone Pain

Not enough? How about the fact that 2-3 cups of coffee per day have been shown to reduce the likelihood of liver cancer development by as much as 38% as opposed to people who drank none, according to the Cancer Center at Hawaii University. Then the Finnish stepped in with their own study that found that an extra large cup will make you 77% less likely, than those who drink none, to develop symptoms of depression. It literally makes you happier!

Cup Of Stfu

Cup o’ Joe

Want another tidbit? How about how just 200 mg of caffeine improves your memory! It helps block neurotransmitters that inhibit your memory and allows for other neurotransmitters to retrieve memories more easily.

Lattes 17

So now that your chances of developing depression are lower and your memories are more easily retrieved, it’s understandable that Harvard researchers found that you are 55% less likely to commit suicide than nondrinkers – yikes!

So far the only downside is the laser teeth whitening we may need after all this coffee, but proper brushing and good oral health care can alleviate those worries about your pearly whites! Now you can feel good about demanding silence while you medicate with your morning brew.