Impressive Health Benefits Of Pumpkin For Your Dog

Published on 09/22/2020

As autumn is rapidly approaching, many of us will see oodles of pumpkins nearly everywhere we look. Not only is fall the season where this terrific orange food is easy to come by, but it is definitely one of the most delicious, nutrient-packed fruits that is loved by everyone – including dogs! Believe it or not but pumpkins are indeed one of the best treats and supplements for man’s best friend. Keep scrolling to see the incredible health benefits of pumpkins for dogs.

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Impressive Health Benefits Of Pumpkin For Your Dog

Packed With Nutrients

Ever taken a moment to take a look at the nutrient information for just 1 cup of pumpkin? Well, for those who haven’t yet, we’ll fill you in. Pumpkins are low in calories but very rich in a large number of vitamins and minerals. This orange beauty includes a high concentration of vitamin A (beta-carotene), as well as a lot of potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure, improves muscle health, and assists in metabolism. Now, you may think this will only benefit humans but don’t be mistaken this is also so beneficial for dogs as well!

Boosts Immune Health

Pumpkin is completely packed with nutrients that are so important for all-round immune health. Additionally, pumpkin contains a great amount of Vitamin C which is so amazing for the health of your pet. There are tons of ways to include pumpkin into your dog’s diet. Some studies have also suggested that giving your dog pumpkin can potentially increase their lifespan.

Promotes Digestive Regularity

Did you know that a sign of your dog’s good health is whether he or she is pooping normally? Generally speaking, harder stools or those that are more difficult to pass put a lot of pressure on your dog’s intestines. This is why we very much recommend that your include pumpkin into your pooch’s diet. Not only will this supply them with a good amount of fiber but it will easily help with constipation and allow them to pass stool so much easier. However, another little unknown fact is that pumpkin has the amazing ability to cure both constipation and diarrhea…just another reason to stock up on this incredible orange fruit.

Very Beneficial For Eyes

Vitamin A is so important for human eye health, and when it comes to your dog – it’s no different! Vitamin A strengthens eye health yet also reduces the development of night blindness and other eye deterioration. So not only will you get to decorate your house with pumpkins this fall, but now your pup will get to enjoy this delicious food in their diet as well. If you don’t want to overdo it, you can simply give your doggy a small treat now and again!

It Moisturizes Their Coat & Skin

There are so many nutrients in pumpkin, including zinc and vitamin A which help improve your pet’s coat and skin. Besides for it making your canine’s coat shine and look absolutely fabulous, the added moisture keeps their hair from shedding all-around your house and their skin from flaking less. Additionally, the actual flesh of the pumpkin help hydrates your dog’s skin and fur from the inside out- meaning your furry friend will always look their best!