This Is How You Can Finally Have More Time For Yourself

Published on 05/10/2022

In the rush of everyday life, the me-time is often lost. However, taking time for yourself is important for health. Here is tips for how you can gain more quality time with yourself.

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This Is How You Can Finally Have More Time For Yourself

Make A List

As a first step, create a list of your desired activities. Write down everything you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Maybe make pottery or learn a new language? Just stay in bed on a Sunday morning? Or go to the hairdresser more often? Take a large sheet of paper and write at the top: “If I had more free time to myself, I would …” If you formulate your wishes in concrete terms, then there is also a more urgent desire to implement them.

Decide For Yourself From Now On

You should therefore resolve to think carefully about your activities from now on and to choose them yourself. This is never fully possible due to professional and family commitments. But always think first: Do I even want this and what else could I do? Even details make a difference: do you want to waste an hour aimlessly on YouTube, or would you rather watch a meaningful lecture or a documentary during this time?

Make A Weekly Plan

It is very helpful if you plan your week at least roughly. It’s not about filling up your private calendar. But to prevent others from otherwise disposing of you. So reserve time for the activities that are important to you: private appointments (e.g. meeting friends, sports, hobbies), but also recreation (e.g. reading, listening to music, resting, sleeping). What is on the calendar is more likely to be respected.

Replace Unwanted Activities

It’s easier to replace unwanted activities (e.g., on Facebook forever in the evening) with desirable ones rather than “just dropping” them. Therefore, write down a small list of what you want to do in the future, what will benefit you and give you pleasure. Maybe just sleep longer or rest, maybe read a book, practice a foreign language or try new cooking recipes. Take on more things to look forward to.

If Distraction, Then Enjoy

No life should just be efficient, optimized and planned. That would be quite cheerless and tense, and would soon annoy and frustrate you. Of course you can allow yourself distraction, but only in moderation. You should keep a third of your calendar free for unplanned activities anyway. This gives you leeway for unexpected events (e.g. traffic jams before an appointment), but also for “unproductive” things that you enjoy.

Say No

And how do you effectively free up more time? Just say stop! Inside of us there are always voices telling us what to do. “The boss wants that from me”, “My children need me” or “My girlfriend needs a shoulder to cry on”. That’s all well and good, but you also need time for yourself in between. Take this and simply say no to the voices in your head.


Just make Me-Time out of the compulsory program! Ride your bike to work in the morning. This can be much more relaxing than squeezing into a crowded tram. Declare war on the “must-haves” and turn them into something pleasant. For example, while cleaning, you can let your favorite playlist run and devote yourself entirely to the music.