6 Tips For A Healthy Relationship

Published on 04/19/2022

These tips can help you improve your relationships – they apply not only to romantic couple relationships, but also to every other type of relationship in your life.

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6 Tips For A Healthy Relationship

Stay Realistic

Of course you can dream. But the more unrealistic your desires and expectations in love are, the more difficult it becomes to find a partner or have a happy relationship. A partner is not a need-fulfiller, not a wish-reader, even if Hollywood films are only too happy to suggest that to us. At best, a partner is a confident counterpart with their own wishes and expectations. Partnership means negotiating, setting priorities and making compromises. From both.

Talk About Your Feelings And Your Needs

Nobody can read minds. Open up to each other: Share your feelings, your fears, your desires. Don’t wait until disappointment and frustration builds up and you’re only having problem talks or even thinking about a breakup. Important: Sometimes needs to change over time. Don’t forget to tell your partner about these changes. Change is a sign of vitality and growth. And nothing is more fulfilling than a connection between two people who turn to each other again and again and try to understand the other.

Respect The Differences

Understanding each other does not mean always agreeing with each other. No matter how similar two partners may be, they always remain two different, separate individuals. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean giving up for the other person or asking your partner to do the same. Enjoy the similarities and closeness, but also respect and appreciate the differences. Maybe you can learn something from each other and develop as a result.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Conflict

They are inevitable in a real relationship. When two personalities put their lives together, there is friction. Solutions will be found in many areas, certain topics will remain tense. That doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed. Every couple faces both solvable and unsolvable problems. Couples who never disagree often live in symbiotic relationships where disharmony is “swallowed” by one or both, which over time can lead to deep resentment or estrangement. Happy couples maintain their trust and humor while negotiating solvable problems and, over time, learning to live with the unsolvable problems.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Do your friends have more fun in their relationship? Stop comparing yourself, your partner, and your relationship to others. Things often look different from the outside than they feel from the inside. And that’s exactly what matters: How you feel in your relationship. How your partner is feeling. Every relationship is a creative act between two people. Each couple dances a very special dance together and balances the need for closeness and distance, finding their balance and rhythm. It doesn’t matter what others say or thinks about it.

Take Initiative

Don’t think about what your partner could do to make things better, start being a better partner yourself. Find out how to please your partner and make him (or her) feel loved and seen. Convey your love. We tend to take the most important people in our lives for granted. Often in the course of a relationship, we lose our rose-tinted glasses and criticize rather than praise our partner. It takes five times more praise than criticism to create a pleasant relationship climate.