The New Gut Healthy Way Of Life

Published on 08/27/2020

Gut health is taking over, and becoming the highlight of lifestyle and eating culture. Why? Well, with the spike in IBS and stomach issues amongst humans this is very much the reason. Individuals started to notice that certain products had negative effects on their stomachs, whether this be due to bloating, pain, or affecting their digestive cycles. Eating heart-healthy was at the forefront for a while but gut health is taking over. People are eating foods that are rich in healthy probiotics and that alter the microbiome of the stomach, our guts need healthy bacteria and a strong lining that fights against acidity bt protects our digestion process.

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The New Gut Healthy Way Of Life


Yogurt is one of the best sources of probiotics which is a gut-friendly bacteria. Yogurt drinks are also just as good but rather leave the full-fat or sugar-free versions and opt for the others as they are richer in probiotics. Yogurt that is high in sugar should not be chosen. This is why it is often advised to eat yogurt with medication, especially antibiotics. These probiotics strengthen your protective stomach lining.


Kefir is a yogurt drink that is made with fermented milk. It can be used in smoothies, soups, and also in salad dressing. Try adding some lemon juice, salt, and pepper for a tasty dressing on any salad. It is loaded with probiotics and is taking gu health fanatics by storm. The origins of Kefir stem from both central Asia and Europe, Russia especially- this must be why they handle their vodka so well.


The finely chopped and fermented cabbage is a combination of roughage, fiber and probiotics. It is best to opt for a version that is not pickled in vinegar because the benefits are simply not the same. Who knew that the simple hot dog topping was a cheap source of probiotics and actually helping our gut in the long run.


Eating a variety of fruit and vegetables is the best way to promote and enhance your gut health, as they introduce different bacteria and nutrients into your gut. Peas are packed with fiber which balances your digestive system, they can be added to almost anything and contain different kinds of important fiber.


Ginger is a stimulant in the digestive system and helps everything keep moving effectively. It also assists in feelings of nausea and in bloating, ginger may stimulate stomach acid but not in a way that will cause indigestion, rather it soothes these types of unwanted symptoms and feelings.


Garlic is an antibacterial, antifungal, and this assists in keeping that unwanted gut bacteria at bay, it also assists with the yeast levels in the gut. Garlic leads to better gut function as it lets the bacteria be and by balancing that bad bacteria.


Herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables are great for the gut and it is important to implement these into your daily life as much as possible but with as much diversity as possible. Living gut-healthy is aimed at ridding you of that bloated, heavy and somewhat over-stuffed feeling. The aim is for your digestive system to be happy and healthy.